Wednesday, February 28, 2007

bedlam but opulent

First of all, these are the beautiful Indian Splendour threads which a number of people have emailed me about. The whole collection won't be on the web for a little while but there are 7 silk threads in each of the Opulent colours - the machine threads must almost be here.

Bedlam, because we have been so overwhelmed with orders since we got home on Sunday night and we have a backlog. Some won't be filled until Monday because I am teaching at the Art Retreat in Fremantle Friday , Saturday and Sunday, and have an awful lot to do tomorrow.

Not to mention that a palette of Gossamer Fuse arrived and the advance roll of heavyweight Lutradur is almost all gone. I hope the remainder rolls arrive very soon. I am training Ian to work out the difference between lutradur and gossamer fuse. Not easy when everything arrives in the kitchen at once.

1 comment:

Suzy said...

Those threads are so opulent - the colours are so alive. They certainly will get the creative juices flowing.


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