Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy Blog Birthday

It is a year ago today since I started my blog which I can't believe - and I have had over 30,000 visitors in that time. Thank you all for reading my ramblings - I thought I would celebrate by sharing Captain Hurricane with you.

Captain Huricane is the mascot for the Hurricanes (my beloved Super 14 rugby team) and he pops up at every game and everywhere apparently. I have never met him but then I am not there. Hopefully he will come with the Hurricanes when they come to Perth to play the Force.
Anyway, the story goes that he is so busy he now has his own plane to travel in - the Hurriplane. Its design is based on a Hurricane fighter aircraft from World War 11. It has a cannon that fires rugby balls into the crowd. Unfortunately when he was flying back to Wellington from Wanganui, one of the tyres blew out so he had to leave it by Boat City in Paraparaumu and when he returned with the new tyre, it was gone. But - the good news is that it has been found, all in pieces apparently and some bloke has been charged with stealing it. I just hope that Captain Hurricane can get it all mended for the rest of the season.

Thta's my trivia for today but I will be back later with the textiley part....


Unknown said...

Happy Blogiversary Dale

Digitalgran said...

Happy blogiversary Dale. I love your textile exhibition piece. Maybe you can persuade someone this would make a good flag?


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