Saturday, February 10, 2007

Arabian Nights 2

This a section from Arabian Night 2 (you can see Arabian Nights 1 on my other embellisher blog). As with the other piece, I have carded and blended our new merino wool - Arabian Nights and embellished it onto hand dyed scrim. Cut it into pieces and emebllished it onto handy dyed wool felt. Using the matching thick silk I have worked running stitch over everything and sprinkled gold flakes and layered several layers of chiffon scarves over the top. Zapped it with a heat gun and appliqued 2 more shapes on the top and running stitch some more. The full versions of these two pieces will be in the book.

Now I am working on a third piece so I can try out the TAST stitch for this week on the top. After the rugby (and by the way the Force won in South Africa 22-3 so they will be happy). I hopefully will have time to load my TAST for this week.

Dorothy's snow must have paid off as it is cooler and may even rain....

1 comment:

Sara lechner said...

oh, dale, you are doing wonderful things as usual!! the embellisher is the best toy in years! it's also just the tool made for me and my techniques! i got it this week and i'm planning already too many things!


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