Monday, February 19, 2007

monday madness before tuesday more madness

No time for pics today - busy busy and I have finally starting packing the suitcases and managed to get a sort of pretend newsletter out.

Today is Ian's birthday and we are off to dinner tonight - in fact we have been indulging ourselves and have been out to dinner a few nights and tomorrow when we get to Melbourne we will be off to dinner once more. Tut tut - be back to eating at home next week. As aoon as we get home we crave a curry made by me and I am thinking about it already.

I bought a bag from Jackie from Stitchworks but I haven't time to scan it - I was going to pinch the pic from her Etsy page but she has removed it. Thanks Jackie - it is wonderful - I will be admiring it for a while and then I have someone to send it to for her birthday - shan't say who.

Back to the suitcases. 5 all up and only 1 partly packed......

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Jenny Bear said...

Have a successful trip. Happy Day to Ian,




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