Friday, February 09, 2007

friday and the rubgy

Today's first Super 14 rugby game was Hurricanes vs Chiefs and all of the newspaper writers had the Chiefs to win but I am pleased to say that the Hurricanes proved them wrong and won 39 - 32. Wunderbaa stuff. Wonder if the Force will manage a win over night? And for you Brumbies supporters - Ian is currently backing the Blues and you know who is playing whom tomorrow???

Tonight we are having a bbq - the Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) concert is on at Perth Oval - our park. Dark Side of the Moon is on in the second half so looking forward to that. On Sunday night is the Eric Clapton concert. It will make a change from soccer games and ghastly singing beforehand.

I have been exploring embellishing on hand dyed wool felt - it's lovely stuff to hand stitch onto. All this embellishing has got me doing a lot more hand stitching.


Jenny Bear said...

the other haf asks if you can record the Waters cncert, and I'll have Clapton!



Ali Honey said...

Bet you are pleased...both your teams winning! I don't think I can bear to watch any more slaughter like that.( so many silly mistakes and so many injuries ) No more men's sport. I'm only watching netball.( or for that matter any women's sport on TV ...and that's not a lot!)


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