Thursday, February 01, 2007


and another new month rolls over.

I picked up my new specs today and now we will be on bread and water for weeks. But I will be able to read properly. My eyes have improved so much that I was having to take my specs off for reading and for someone who has worn glasses since 16 it was all much too confusing. So now I am looking pretty swish.

What an amazing response to my unknown challenge! 25 people and I was only thinking around 10. If you want me to email you when I have all the details more clear in my brain, please send me an email - link is on the right - I am too lazy to do it here. And I will email everyone at once. Keep you in suspense for a few more days although the brain is festering away.

no pics today. Super 14s start tomorrow....

ps 9000 visitors since 15th Dec and 46 countries......

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