Saturday, February 17, 2007

Take a Stitch Tuesday 7

This is my effort for TAST this week - Feather Stitch using my lovely new threads - Royal Shiraz. I embellished some of the RS wool onto scrim and cut it into strips and embellished it to some hand dyed wool felt (bit addictive this wool felt and makes a change from the cheap acrylics I usually work with). Then worked feather stitch in 3 different thicknesses.

For this one, I cut the remaining embellished wool into rectangular shapes and worked them onto black acrylic felt. Did some running stitch and then ironed Gossamer Fuse to the surface and some foils and lime green and purple chiffon scarf over the top. Used 3 different weights of thread for the feather stitch and zapped it all. Quite pleased with the results.

Our Gossamer Fuse has finally left the factory and should be here but probably not in time for Melbourne Quilt show. We fly off on Tuesday - got everything away yesterday - it is such a lot of work going to these shows.

I sorted all the ATCs for Melbourne - there are some really lovely ones there. The display will look fantastic.

Today's rugby game is between my team - the fabulous Hurricanes with the Hurriplane all fixed and back in action - and HIS team - the Blues. Fingers crossed please.


Purple Missus said...

WoW. these look splendid. I especially like the second one and the processes you went through to achieve it.

Leanne said...

Well the Hurriplane saved the day!! Are you sure Ian has decided on the Blues?

Doreen G said...

Can't wait to get my hands on those threads they look fantastic.

Penny said...

Love these Dale and looking foreward to getting some of the thread. Looking foreward to next week too but hope its not as hot as it has been here.

Karin said...

Wow, this stitching is wonderful and the threads are gorgeous!


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