Thursday, January 05, 2012

Storms and dramas and strange weather

Not much creative stuff going on today although I have been cutting up foil like it is going out of fashion and gathering stuff to send to Melbourne tomorrow for my 2 workshops starting next Sat - I have no idea how many people are enrolled etc but i am sure it will all work out. In the meantime Jacinta and I have been planning some colours in our city series - do this part first and then I will have the new variegateds dyed to match. This is Venice - I wanted something Turner like - the ethereal feeling. There are heaps of colours of Venice - the masks etc but I was thinking dreamy. This is the slushie and silk hand threads. What do you think?

and this is the wool top.

and here is Venice.

The other night when it was going to be hot the next day (and it was) we suddenly had all this rain and wind and thunder and lightning - all the washing was out - the chair covers etc. Harley was unhappy and suddenly our car alarm went off long enough for Ian to get out of bed and then it stopped. Of course.... Quite a bit of damage but here fortunately. Sure is strange weather.


Heather said...

The Venice colours are gorgeous - I must have some Slushies before long!
Glad you are safe even if a bit storm tossed. We are experiencing really strong gales and heavy rain at present and some parts of the UK have had serious damage. Probably still quite mild compared to what happens in other parts of the world. The planet is troubled for sure.

Roxanne said...

I love the Venice colors. Here in the northeastern US we've had considerably less snow than usual and a lot more rain. I'm thinking I've moved to the swamp! LOL

glenys coombridge said...

I love the Venice colours, all dreamy..... but, I guess there could also be bright colours for Venice. I have never been there, but it strikes me as having lots of bright colour also.
Glad to hear the storms have passed. We are supposed to be making hay and silage, but the air is liquid and the atmosphere very steamy. Horrid for sleeping. So it does sound as though most people are getting strange weather.

Hope you have a great time in the US and the classes go well for you

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

We've had that weird weather here a few days ago. Love the Venice colours especially the silk threads.

Dorothy said...

The Venice colour are very gentle and to me it is a peaceful scene.
We have a very nice breeze this morning and it is not too hot.We had a lot of thunder a couple of nights ago and a little rain.

liniecat said...

Stunning colours those..........would they be heavy to post to Uk?!

Linda said...

Oh Dale, I just adore those Venice colours. Naughty you, teasing the weak...........LOL.....


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