Friday, January 13, 2012

off to melbourne

I am off to Melbourne today to teach for 4 days - my bag is as full as I can get it but even then doesn't weigh 23k. We didn't bother to renew our Qantas Club especially when they didn't have the manners to reply to my emails and physical letter so a saving of over $800 feels good and I doubt if it will distress me not being able to get into the over crowded Qantas Club in Perth. I am hoping the weather might be okay - it is going to be 36 here again today. Ian is not going - he will be here working away as normal.
Kazuko's family return to Japan today - they will have a long flight back. Last night Bruce cooked us all a meal which was very nice indeed. This is Kaz's mother when they were in Fremantle. We have really enjoyed seeing them again - Kaz has been the interpreter - it is a shame our Japanese in non-existent and their English only a little better.

Harley is getting braver and braver - outside on her own and sleeping other than in the fireplace..


DIAN said...

I hope you enjoy your time in Melbourne - the weather is a little bit cold but if you are teaching then I am sure that won't matter so much.

Heather said...

Enjoy your teaching days and have good journeys.
Kaz's mother looks too young to have a married daughter.
The first frost of a very mild winter so far, for us. I wonder what the rest of it will bring.

Judy said...


Imissed your departure, have a good visit in one of my favoiurite cities. Lovely to hear harley is being brave.


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