Tuesday, January 03, 2012

another year moving right along

I do love my flower stitcher and like to stitch up a piece of kunin felt full of different ones - these are all the smallest size.Then I have used the Versa tool to burn them all out so I always have a jar full ready to play. I am working on a few little cameos mainly as prep for my embellisher class in Melbourne - have no idea how many people have enrolled in either class and I will need to send my stuff off with TNT this week. Time is going too fast already.

 Had to share one of the new metallic foils - this is lime green and I am busting to play with it because the colour is so good. there are now 43 colours and Ian spent all day photographing them and getting them on the web to find that some people can only see three colours. Looks like he will have to photograph them all again but in the meantime I loaded them all to our facebook page so if you are one of those who can't see them on our website do have a look at facebook so my work is not in vain. Make you cry really. I have spent a lot of time today cutting up foils to fit in orders. Surely time for me to play with them too!

1 comment:

Heather said...

Definitely time for you to play Dale. Love the flower stitcher design.


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