Friday, January 06, 2012

Yeah it is Friday

I know I put this on Friday but it is a lovely photo of hand dyed chiffon scarves. I send a heap of white ones to Jacitna and occasionally she sends me back some dyed. lovely little lot yesterday and I htought htey looked so nice. We have had a busy week once it actually started and today we got this 50 kilo bale of wool off to Jacinta - luckily the TNT man could almost do it on his own.

And I got a big box of stuff off with him as well for the workshops next weekend and beyond at the Vic Embroiderers Guild. So we have finally stopped work for today.

Kazuko's mother, twin sister and niece arrive tomorrow so we will be having a bbq - the weather is still strange - at 6.30pm it is quite cool.

I asked a question on our facebook page and I have now noted that at least 100 people are ready to create this month. That is wondeful stuff - I hope they share some of these wondrous things.


Heather said...

Those scarves are so gorgeous. I spent a very happy time last evening compliling an enormous shopping list from your website. I think some editing will be necessary! I will do my sums and then get down to business.
My shopping spree will compensate for not getting to Ally Pally and the saved cost of train fare, lunch and coffee can be transferred into lovely fibres, etc.

Maggi said...

Love the scarves.
Would also love to know what the question was on FB, have suspended my account as far too time consuming.

Judy said...


Love those bright and beautiful scarves, my wish list grows by the day especially adding those lovely "Venice" silk threads from yesterday. Sounds like a wonderful family weekend at you place.

Linda said...

Love the scarves Dale. I'm a little like Heather, making up my shopping list at the moment. Hope your time with family was pleasant. Very hot in the east at the moment. I'd love to know the FB thing too. I too had to opt out of FB. Cheers.


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