Monday, January 09, 2012


I meant to load this yesterday but we had a silly internet day - our server was having some sort of drama and we could get some sites and some parts of some sites but never anything which required loading or downloading or viewing properly. Apparently it was a good day to have off! I got all my prep done for my Hot needles Cool Stitches workshop next Monday and Tuesday in Melbourne and i have a huge stack of samples to take which I will have to cull. today I am starting to sort my Sat/Sun workshop - Artful Journey - I am busy with Provence which is my next little explore not that I have finished my other little explores and i had promised myself I would close off Okarito but I keep working away on new ideas. I guess that is not all bad but I will tidy that basket up and make space.

This above is Take a Stitch Tuesday week 1 - fly stitch - I have plans to complete each week this year - if not each week then some together.

We had a lovely bbq on Sat night with Kazuko's mother, sister and niece - another night coming up soon. They had a long flight from Sapporo and I am sure they slept well.

I also have a helper making it difficult to work on my computer and she is purring very loudly. Harley is well and truly at home but still anxious outside. The slightest noise and back indoors she races.


Vicki Miller said...

I love this sample, dale

Dorothy said...

Like the sample too,my kind of colours.

Judy said...


Beautiful sample with the fly stitch some my favourite turqoise in there. Nice to have a purry friend at your computer, until they want to walk across or sit on your keyboard.

Penny said...

Wont ask what the background is but I am guessing the blue may be some of the metallic foil? Looks good.

Heather said...

Your stitched sample is gorgeous - those jewel colours must be from foils?
It's a good sign if Harley is purring and no bad thing for her to be wary of things outside.
Hope the computer is behaving itself now.

Robin Mac said...

Love the background for your fly stitch and I am glad some good came of having a bad internet day! Cheers


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