Thursday, January 19, 2012

Plodding along

I am back home again - brought the heat back, broke one of the arms of my glasses so it is like having opera specs and apart from the outrageous cost of new games and lenses (they cost more than the frames) just hoping they are ready in time for our trip to US next Thursday. As well as that the good bed in the motel was not so nice to my back so I am nursing that back to normal

But I thought I would show a wee bit more of some if the work fm my embellisher workshop

This is Lynda's woven ready to go - I do love weaving stuff

I am now not sure whose this was but it is a wonderful collection - don't you love the two shades.

Lois used some sari ribbon and cut it up

This is Margaret's

I managed to get everything back home safe and sound. I did spend ages studying the piles of stuff on the bed and every where and looking at the suitcase with trepidation - a sip of savvy and then a few loadings. It was like playing chess. At the airport I stuffed silk tops up to the 23kilos and then staggered onto the plane with a very full backpack, two carry on bags, a handbag and a boarding pass sticking out of my bra. Nothing heavy just bulky. The purser suggested I had rather a lot so I showed him my one armed specs and instantly got sympathy..... And no one sitting in the seat next to me.

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Heather said...

Hope you get your specs and your back sorted before you are off again.
Love the workshop pieces, especially the cut up sari ribbon one.
I am enjoying your articles in Embellish mag - which I finally tracked down from a UK distributor - and am promising myself another play with my embellisher soon.

Judy said...


Glad you got everything back, including yourself, bad about your specs, hope the back settles quickly. How good was that getting a seat by yourself, must be your lovely smile, and they thought they'd do you a favour.


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