Thursday, January 26, 2012

yippee do

Today we are off on our long brief adventure - fingers crossed we get the big black 777 from Auckland to Los Angeles and back again. We fly tonight to Auckland arriving at 5.30am - spend the day in Auckland and fly out Friday night arriving in LA Friday morning. Never mind - we get it all back on the return trip. Having been excited to get our upgrade to premium economy going over, this morning I woke up to find we have got it coming back as well. Are we excited? how can you tell?

The weather is still awful here and gong to remain that way until at least when we get back next Thursday so we will not be sorry to go. All the plants have been watered and spoken to - Harley is not allowed outside today in case she does a hide again.

Wish us luck on our travels - naturally I have gathered more stuff to stitch and draw etc - we are really excited about going somewhere new - meeting some of the people we have been trading with for quite some time and being on the look for new goodies. Ian is the chief bag carrier and chief notebook writer down of important things. I have bought him a new notebook with pockets!

By the way - my new specs (don't ask the price) arrived this morning by special delivery and are firmly on my face. I must say it is no fun when your specs fall off into the basin while you are cleaning your teeth.


Doreen G said...

Even worse if your teeth fall in the basin with them.Who is looking after Harley--if you had asked me I could have come over and babysat her.

Heather said...

I like Doreen's remark! That aircraft certainly looks luxurious - hope your flights come up to expectations and you have a great time. Glad you've kitted Ian out properly so that he can carry out his duties to your satisfaction!

Penny said...

If you can, 2 -places to go, the Tar Pits and the Getty in LA, fabulous places. Of course there are lots of other places but those and walking the hidden steps in Hollywood were highlights of our last trip.
Glad your glasses arrived.

Karen said...

have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful trip!!!

Suztats said...

Have a wonderful time, and wishing you safe travels.


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