Wednesday, January 25, 2012

hot hot hot and more hot

Seems the usual - record heat here for 47 years or something and floods in Qld. That's how it is folks and we can expect more of it. Harley went outside this morning and didn't come back - at 41 degrees - until Ian turned the water on tonight to give everything some relief. She is so good at hiding we will never know. She also doesn't know that tomorrow night we are off for a week.

As usual I have been collecting things to take with me for a little playing - this time sticking to my Marrakesh theme.

 A little background for hand stitching - I have chosen my hand  threads

 Some stencil work and colour in my Khadi  sketchbook and I have gathered my pencils and pens and a few other colours and I have also gathered some rough sketches to play with

 Then I have been scrumbling Tissutex which has been Shiva - ed and sprayed with Starbursts
 and stitched etc

and the old paper napkin on the layer trick

and a rubbing and spray and some gilding flakes - thinking about this.Moroccan work has gold and I would like to incorprate some flakes so this was both a use of a sample and a test. The wonderful pattern is the Marakesh stencil.

Quilting Arts 55 also arrived very late last night so I was up bright and early to get them all away before we go. There are just a few left over if anyone is interested. I had a quick read and was impressed enough to pop it in my back pack for plane reading.

One more sleep and off we fly tomorrow night. Long time in aeroplane for sure..... Lots to do tomorrow - Ian has cleaned all the gutters - this is what you have to do when you have all the lovely trees we have. now we are off to eat because the cupboards seem rather bare apart from our lemon yoghurt and banana for breakfast.


Maggi said...

Lovely pieces that you are taking. I bet that first one has plenty of hand stitching on it by the time we next see it. Hopefully you will get some relief from the heat on your trip, and that Harley forgives you when you get back!

Heather said...

I love the look of all your 'play' things - the colours are gorgeous. Hope the heat isn't too oppresive and that you have good flights. Harley will know all the best hiding places by now so she shouldn't miss you too much.

Doreen G said...

Have a great time while you are away--I'll miss you both.

Penny said...

Your bits to take away look good, my muse seems to have flown away with the heat.
we are looking with horror at your heat, here on the south coast we have had a bit of relief thank goodness.
Have a lovely time away.


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