Monday, January 23, 2012

good news and bad news and some help

I am trying to put my new Marrakesh colours together and asked what people thought on facebook - I do love those blues but it becomes too muddled and I think this is more what I am after. What do you think?

This is a little piece I started in my workshop in Melbourne. A simple transfer of a drawing and silk carrier rods with all the added extras.

I didn't mask it so some colour merged in but it's all play and practice.

The bad news is - it is extremely hot and getting hotter - fortunately we will be off to Los Angeles on Thursday for the CHA (Craft and Hobby Trade Show) and should miss the 42 degrees for Saturday although I notice it is going to be around 26 degrees there. Heat likes to follow me. The second lot of bad news is that I am waiting for my new glasses and the humidity makes my one armed ones fall off my face all the time. Two more days to go.

Now for the good news - my bad seems to have recovered from its muscular debilitating pain and we have got an upgrade to premier class on the long leg from Auckland to L.A. Air N.Z. sent me an email inviting me to bid for seats so I struck a sort of mid range price and got lucky!. Didn't think we had a chance. Sometimes you just get lucky. I have also bought myself some compression stockings becasue the general consensus was that I probably did have dvt from my sulk back from London. SInce then I spend all flights exercising furiously.


Ro Bruhn said...

Those colours are definitely Marrakesh, love them. Have a great trip to CHA, I hope it's a bit cooler for you. We've been having low to mid thirties and very dry heat so it's not so bad.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Yes...those colors! Last night I saw your FB post and was thinking if it were just one color it would be a red...somewhere between barn red (the color of barns in the US and Sweden that is) and rust red...not as orange-y as rust, more like a red ochre but just a bit brighter. And Spices... I too was thinking spices.

Do you know the spice blend called berbere used in northeast Africa...that color for the dark end of the range. Maybe an eggplant (for the shadows).... add a bleached bone white for the buildings and palm leaf green for a sparkle.

Can you tell I love color?

And WOOT on the upgraded seats for your flight...SO much more civilized! Cheers, Sarah

Heather said...

Those spicey colours are stunning, even though they are not what I usually go for.
Love your little workshop piece and hope your journeys are comfortable and trouble free.

Judy said...


Think your Marrakesh clour are fine I can imagine blue would send it a bit muddy. Glad to hear your back has stopped its nasty pain, glad also you got an upgrade from Aukland to L.A. Fingers crossed your specs arrive on time you must be very cack handed with one arm missing.

Julie said...

Hope you have a good trip Dale, the stockings sound a good idea. Hope it's cooler than you're expecting.


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