Sunday, January 29, 2012

Getty Museum plus

Today we hired a car and drove to the Getty Museum. Very brave. Could have had a Mustang convertible but declined. The Getty Museum was fantastic and well worth the visit. The architecture and space is so great.

Loved the gardens.

The indoor galleries were grey too but it was the space we especially loved.

Then we set off for to watch a sunset. We got to Huntington Beach with the pier. Didn't head to Lolama as it was dark so bravely drive back in the dark. A lovely day in readiness for our big first day tomorrow.

Thanks for all the messages - apart from being very black, my finger is fine.

What have I bought? Paper napkins - some beautiful designs I have found.

And - sat 28th - happy birthday BRUCE - big one too and we got a bit confused about which was which. It may well be sat here but it sure isn't anymore in Perth.

BTW - they sure have huge meals here - I don't think I have left so much on my plate before.

And you would not think it is winter here......

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Location:Los Angeles


Heather said...

Wonderful pics - the Getty Museum looks stunning. Sounds as if you are both have a great time. Glad the finger is better and Happy Birthday to Bruce.

Penny said...

Fantastic place isnt it. Like you we loved the gardens and the outside spaces and the view across LA. Not that LA is my favorite place, love San Francisco and San Diego is smaller and almost better, perhaps next time.
Are you seeing the new stuff Tim Holz is bringing out tomorrow?

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Lovely placeto visiit the Getty Museum, so brave to hire a car and drive yourselve, glad the finger is ok but horrid colour. Have more fun.


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