Friday, January 20, 2012

Artful Journey Workshop in Melbourne

I thought I had taken loads more photos than this - and I am very sorry I missed June's as she did some wonderful work. I have also not got names of whose is whose so I must apologise

 This was wonderful and we had fun with paper napkins -

 and more paper napkins and slips and the like

 and silk paper making

 and a colelction

foils of course and some wonderful things going to happen.

If I find the other pictures I am sure I took I shall share them.

Yesterday we finally got our shipment of Wet and Grow - the compresssed sponge which is great for printing with. And today in the extreme heat I packaged 24 kilos of new Corriedale wool colours. Think we have the full range bar one missing colour now.

My back is on the getting better - just have to be extra careful when I stand up - a right nuisance and in the extreme heat today my one armed glasses kept falling off. Hanging in until Wednesday like a one armed bandit!


Heather said...

Lovely workshop pics - some great ideas there.
You must look very elegant holding your one-arm glasses like an Edwardian duchess looking through her lorgnette!
Glad your back is improving.

Maggi said...

Glad your back is improving. Napkin grids - no there's a lovely reminder.

Julie said...

Lots of good ideas there! Julie


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