Friday, October 23, 2009

off we go again

Here we are at Heathrow getting ready for the long flight back to Perth. We didn't get our upgrade to Singapore but Ian is in a bit of heaven as we are flying on an A380 (eat your heart out Ken) which he thinks is second prize - me? Well - a plane is a plane. We are at the front of economy and do have rows 1a and 1b from Singapore to Perth so we will fly the last 5 hours in a bit of luxury.

We came back to London on Tuesday and spent time running arouns doing business shopping and visiting the V and A - definitely have to come back next year as the Medieval and Renaissance room is still not completed. And we had lunch at Nahm which was delightful and a great end to our holiday (working or not). Caught up with Annette and Terry and Susan who is over from NZ for a couple of weeks.

Soon be back home - Grant is down for the weekend and it will be good to catch up with him - then back to work - the orders are flowing in and we will be as fast as we can. Lots of new goodies to go up on the web in the coming week.

finally - it was lovely to catch up with so many of you in UK - JP - I will post a link to the apartment when I get home and do all call by to read day 6 in Paris - I haven't quite finished - there is Monday's adventure to go!


Digitalgran said...

Have a safe journey home!

Sue in Melbourne said...

I'd love to fly on the A380, it's on my bucket list but in First Class! Have a safe journey home. Looking forward to seeing what new stuff will be on the website :)

Heather said...

Welcome Home! Hope it was a comfortable journey and that you made the most of the enforced inactivity before being plunged right back into a frenzy of work.


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