Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Autumn Colours

Bruce has been out taking some wonderful photos in Maruyama Park in Sapporo -
Autumn Colours

do go check them out. As you can see, I was especially taken with this one - I can see all manner of ideas flowing out. I love Autumn (and Spring but Autumn most of all). In Perth we mostly have Summer and off-Summer and we really miss the changing of the colours etc.

Bruce and Kazuko tell me that the little hangings are wishes which people leave at shrines. The clear is is a message from someone who has lost his girlfriend. I think I could work on this concept very well (not the losing of the girlfriend)

We got home on Saturday afternoon and straight into work. It has been very hot and dry while we were away and thank goodness for Patricia watering our garden - I was in fear of seeing an area of wipe out. We have started cleaning up out the back in readiness for a barbecue tonight.

Loads of orders to keep us out of mischief and also loads of new stuff which Ian has started adding to the website catalogue. I have been popping into the studio working on the next booklet. I must admit that I didn't do any stitching while we were away - I didn't take any needles and only discovered this in Paris where I couldn't find any. my fingers have been itching.


Linda’s Textiles said...

Enyoyed the photos Dale - very topical - I'm off to Japan next week & looking forward to the autumn colours.

Penny said...

We were in Saporo at his time of the year a while ago and still love lookingat the photos we took. Winter will be cold tho, but does he ski?
Dont know how you are working, must be the 10 yer difference, jet lag hit ushard is time but t could have something to do with the 6 hours drive before even getting ti Heathrow and then th 6 hour wait when we got there!
Glad you are back blogging, have finally down loaded all the Holey stuff that came while I was away.

Judy said...

HI! Dale,

Welcome back.


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