Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day five in Paris

On Sunday we spent loads of time at the Pompadou Centre - it was packed with people all the time. Here is the escalotor going up.

And looking out at fabulous Paris.

we found the perfect table for Bruce and Kazuko and all those many bikes of theirs.
fire emergency and I loved the bucket.
after a spot of lunch at a place we went to several years back (sorry about the underline - can't get rid of it)- we wandered down to near the Notre Dame where there were all sorts of activities going on - the roads were closed to cars

We managed to miss the Musee d'Orsay again but we visited the gardens at the Palais Royle - a little gem to be found.

and the Metro entrance just nearby.
At night we went to a concert at Saint Chapelle - same group as last year but different performers - Les Archets de Paris - and the same music but magical.

To finish the night off we ate at at Moroccan restaurant nearby our apartment - very very busy and very good - coucous and Marrakesh red wine. Good memories.

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JP said...

sounds like another good day - you have been lucky with the weather too - is the appartment good - have you got a link for it??


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