Thursday, October 15, 2009

day one in Paris

here we are in lovely Paris - we are staying in Le Marais in an apartment - a very lively area with lots of interesting things happening. Loads of cafes of course - this is where we had breakfast - as you can see the weather is superb. plenty of florists - I bought a tiny bag of 3 roses - where the gap is - a little more expensive than in Perth so it will be photo only from now on
couldn't resist these - all the ducks and chooks came with heads, some tucked under their wings and one sad one fallen low.
We went to Place des Vosages - Paris's oldest square - perfectly symmetrical.

here is me in front of Louis X111 but I cannot work out how to turn me aound...

and to show the symmetry but only if you turn your head and not to mention the door just down our street - rue charlot - I am looking at few patterns, holey moleys....

this very interesting vegetable was with the cauliflowers but I am not sure - great though. Last night we went to a very lively restaurant - Robert and Louise - where they cook the steaks over an open fire - pretty packed and we shared our table with a young couple from LA but her is an aussie and she Korean so it was a multi-cultural mix.

Off for more adventures today - no shoes but I do have a nice new watch.


verobirdie said...

Oh, I did not know you were coming to France. You are lucky to have a flat in Le Marais, I love that part of Paris.
The strange vegetable is a "chou romanesco", it is a kind of brocoli, probably coming from Romania. It is delicious and pretty.

JP said...

glad you are having a good time - I'm sure you will find some shoes yet!!!!!!!!!

Virginia said...

Great photos I'm jealous! But - 18 Euros a Kilo for fresh chook!! Wow, that makes out Free range ones dead cheep!! Pardon the pun!

We're waiting for those shoes!


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