Tuesday, October 20, 2009

day four in Paris

Today we went to the Marches aux Puces but didn't find a lot other than loads and loads of clothes and a few little goodies including some old printing blocks.

When we came back we thought we would visit the Pompidou Centre but the queues were enormous so decided to wander back instead and try tomorrow.

Coming down rue des Archives I found this fascinating shop - Archives de la Presse and these were in windows - popped in to browse.

a street scape just near us
at night we visited Des Gars dans la Cuisine - a great restaurant. We were lucky to get in and only because a couple hadn't turned and then of course, Murphy prevailed and they arrived but the owners did some magical movement and squeezed them in. We had a fabulous meal - eating doesn't seem to start until about 9.30pm - this is when most of Perth has closed down.

Indeed, my new red shoes haven't got the wonderful bottoms of last year's but the sole looks like piles of twigs and I have done a few rubbings so plenty of potential there.


Viv Estill said...

Great to see you're having such a great time ans seeing everything - hope it's still going well. I finally got round to posting the Ally Pally picture of you!

Digitalgran said...

You will just love the Pompidou Centre! Now be honest, you only bought those shoes so you could do some rubbings of the soles for your art. I'm enjoying Paris again through your blog. Thanks.

Sue in Melbourne said...

Oh I'm so jealous, I wish I was still much to see & do..enjoy!

Judy said...

Hi! Dale and Ian,

taken me a while to catch you in Paris, hope you have great fun and love the red shoes Dale.


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