Sunday, October 18, 2009

day three in Paris

Good sleep ins and a relaxing start to each day. Our dejeuner today was Croque Monseur and Soupe l'onion (sic)at Les Arts et Metiers which is just across the road from the Arts et Metiers school or conservatory but definitely this wonderful church below our lunch.

After our long walk ( we have been doing lots of long walks), we went to the Opera to see Le Palais Garnier and wandered around inside. The auditorium was in use for rehearsal so we could only peep in the windows but what a fabulous building. Looking out onto the view below.
The Grand Foyer - so magnificently decorated and the staircases alone are worth seeing.

Today's lovely roses- the colours are to dye for

and of course, guess who got new red shoes? I managed to find the shop I got last year's shoes from and just happened to find a pair waiting for me. Good walking ones this, tested last night when we visited another great little restaurant. Lovely waiter very patient with our French......


Heather said...

It all sounds wonderful Dale. The buildings and that Grand Foyer are spectacular. Glad you are having a relaxing time and love the red shoes. I treated myself to a pair of red shoes last year before I get too old to wear such a frivolous colour!

Doreen G said...

If you keep buying red shoes I will have to call you Dorothy.

Aussie Jo said...

And watch out for spinning houses.
The food sounds divine, and you are obviously taking full advantage of it.

Jacky said...

I am really enjoying your trip to Paris. I was there two years ago and LOVED it! Your posts are bringing it all back...I need to save and go again next year.
Wonderful cafes and restaurants, great shopping (I love your red shoes).
The Grand Foyer is amazing. I just loved all the gold in Paris.
Looking forward to your next post.


verobirdie said...

oh I did not know you could visit the Palais Garnier. I know what happens the next time I near the Opera. Thanks for the tip.
Have you seen the bee hives on the roof at the Palais Garneir? Or buy some honey?

Gill G said...

If anyone has been to Buenos Aires you will probably think that Dale is standing on the verandah that Eva Peron stood on at the Casa Rosada to address her people - the view is almost exactly the same view that I would imagine Eva would have got. The building in BA are very similar to those of Paris with the black tiles and white walls - I guess the French did have a presence there sometime ago! Sounds as if you are having fun and also love the red shoes!
Gill (Don't bring any honey back - i got mine confiscated)

JP said...

well of course you had to have some new shoes - no pattern on the sole this time tho'!!!!!!!!!!!!


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