Sunday, October 25, 2009

day six in Paris

On our last day in Paris, we decided to take the train from Gare Saint Lazare station (the one Monet painted many times) to Vernon so we could go visit Monet's Garden in Giverny. We were there in 1992 - same time of the year. It would be magnificent to be there when the garden is at its best but then you would be body to body so perhaps not - there were quite enough people around. We loved it though.

Monet's house
lucky Dale on one of the bridges in the water lily garden. We asked a girl to take our pic together but I think she just pushe dthe button a few times and nothing actually happened.
on another bridge.
And finally, this is the cafe where we had our petit dejeuner each morning - he even shook our hand on the last morning - cafe, orange juice and croissants - and soccer on the tv. Our apartment is just to the right up 3 flights of stairs.


Heather said...

Three flights of stairs! You got plenty of exercise then. Lovely pics of Monet's garden - it is so beautiful. I have been a bit premature with my comment left on your previous post. Read it again when it applies!!

JP said...

I thinl Monet's garden is just magical at any time of the year - glad you had agood trip

Digitalgran said...

Good to be home?
I love the knitted jacket you are wearing on the bridge and it blends in nicely with the background.


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