Friday, October 16, 2009

day two in Paris

Yesterday we walked for miles so it was just as well I had been in training before we left Perth. We walked long the Bassin de Villette up to the Parc de la Villette to take the 2 and half hour trip down the Canal st Martin to the Musee d'Orsay. It was leisurely mostly because of the locks but most interesting and our host told us lots of history. Then we walked back. No photos because we forgot to put the camera chip back in. we finished with a very nice meal just down the way in our street and slept like logs resting our tired pins.

Thanks Verobirdie for telling me about the Chou Romanesco - I have kept that photo. Off to explore some more today after our relaxing petit dejeuner at our corner - cafe creme (it's too hard to do reasonably weak long black), fresh orange juice, bagutte and croissant.

Instead I have some pics of the pommy bag winners - there were a few people who got it wrong but we had to be fair.

This is Anne

Here Pat and Mags - lovely to see them both

Here is Sue -
and again - some of the Dodgers and Pat who is an honorary dodger
And Viv who just got there in time coming all the way from Whitby- lovely to meet you at last Viv
and here is Ros on day 2 with a lot of research to get SLAM finally
then somehow I missed Pauline (more dodger) and I think this is Amanda and somehow we forgot to photograph Barbara and Eileen but it was lovely to see you and I hope you all have fun with your pommy bags. Because of my dreadful cold I was frantically still stitching the last little pics on the morning of day 2 - I had planned to finish everything on the plane.
The weather is great and I can hear live music somewhere outside so off we go - maybe this is shoe day? Who knows.....


Heather said...

At last - I can leave a comment today!! Wonders never cease - I never quite know what functions I will be able to perform with this laptop. Glad you had a good time at Ally Pally - maybe I'll get there next year - and are enjoying a bit of free time in Paris. Safe journey home when the time comes.

Digitalgran said...

The goodies I won in the Pommie bag are lovely! Thanks. Now I wonder how I was caught talking in every single photo? Maybe because I talk too much?
Seems you've had a wonderful time in P
aris. Safe journey home.


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