Tuesday, October 06, 2009

off we go again and a question

Nearly time to go - what isn't done, just isn't, but apart from my suitcase, everything else seems to be done. A Western Australian Eucalyptus for you to enjoy while we are gone. We are lucky in that we have got our upgrade from Perth to Singapore so let's keep fingers crossed for the long haul section.

THE QUESTION - this is for the people who receive the newsletter and are coming to Ally Pally on Thursday or Friday. Remember I have 5 Pommie Bags for each day and I shall finish the stitching on the plane.

OKAY - What is the name of Grant's 18ft Skiff?

If you have been reading my blog you will have been so overwhelmed with pics and info I am sure you can't forget. You just have to come to our stand TGE13 and tell us the answer!

I am hoping to blog while I am away especially in Paris. Will I find new tempting shoes - i know I will be sure to find beautiful roses.


Heather said...

This machine is very temperamental for a lump of plastic! It won't let me leave a comment some days, regardless of which continent or even county the blog is in. The eucalyptus in full bloom is a glorious sight. Hope you have good flights for your trip to UK and Paris. Hope the K&S show is very profitable and great fun for you and happy shoe shopping (and a good rest) in Paris.

Ali Honey said...

That Gum - Eucalyptus is spectacular!


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