Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Many activities today - Grant flew off to London/Amsterdam last night to go sailing on Lake Garda - lucky so and so - so we are now in charge of his house and doing daily inspections. Once he hit London he phoned to see how today's inspection had gone. Tiles are being laid - certainly keeping us busy as well as everything else. We were not ready when the DHL man came to pick up several parcels to go off. Then I had to spend ages getting my 3 discs of Van Morrison to work on the Sonos system but success at last! Did not get a proper answer from the I Tunes shop at all - last time I venture there.

This is part of my collection of gum nuts from the garden. I am running workshops on the Sat and Sun at Ally Pally and as usual have no idea what. The title is Tiny Tempting Treasures and it is going to be very Australian - hence the gumnuts. I have until October to gather my goodies for a fun workshop. While I was out in the garden there were 2 kookaburras making a right racket in the trees. Pretty good when you consider we live right in the city. It's a bit special around here.

Putting up my 2 embellisher classes yesterday has generated a heap of emails. Not to book in but to ask when I am going to introduce an online class. Watch this space - I am working on it. Tannia - if you go to my other blog - The Embellishment Machine - you can read all about it. IT is a machine without thread and basically the needles with little barbs will felt, punch, distress whatever! Anyone else who is interested in an online class of say 4 - 5 lessons please drop me an email - you can be assured it won't be traditional or conventional or feltmaking based but experimental, lots of fun and a chance to ask, share and do.

What am I reading? Well we are going to have a week in Paris this year after Ally Pally in London so for my birthday Ian gave me this book - The Secrets of Paris of the 30s - Brassai photography - and in the 70s he added text. It's a fabulous collection of photos in black and white and historically just so interesting.

Next I got this little gem today - Paris Cafe - all about Le Select - which is not too far from where we are staying so we will be sure to roam there.

I have not yet finished my article on foils so tomorrow is a bit of a deadline. I have written the newsletter though and ian will eb fixing it up for tomorrow so I am still on schedule!

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Penny said...

wow Dale, Paris sounds a bit dull!! Only kidding but after marrakesh. The Californian trip was great and much more to it than i thought, well I hoped it would be as interesting as it was. wait for my doorways!
would do an on line course but will it be different from Geelong?


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