Monday, April 14, 2008

Some wonderful work

I love it that people send me pics of their work. Today Gloria Muddle sent me two glorious pieces - she says she has been working with fusible webbing. I thought I would share them with you (with her permission of course).

The first one is Sudden Squall and it does remind me of what happens when there is a squall. When we lived in Wellington when Grant was a baby (in Pembroke Road, Northlands) in a flat on the hillside, we used to experience 100 mile an hour winds and we had trouble getting our front door open. My mother came to visit and got blown over by the wind when she stepped out from the hedge. The nappies dried fast if you could get them to untangle on the line. That was when I learnt to peg them across two lines.

The second one is Port Macquarie - I don't know how Gloria has made this but I would love to see it close up. They are very contrasting works - thanks Gloria.

I have been playing with some napkins on surfaces but making slow progress at present. I am also working with foils for an article in Aust Machine Embroidery (and Textile Art). It is very soporific here today and while we sitting in the lounge admiring our new flat screen telly, we both fell asleep - at 6pm! We seem to be failing in the Autumn stakes but I think rain is on the way - hope so anyway.


Liz said...

Hi Dale,
Come over to the Uk for a spot of unsoporific weather (if there is such a word: Hail, snow, sunshine and rain all the space of half an hour, with the temperature zigzagging all over the place.
Thanks for your kind comments about my masks, I will be posting images of the students work over the next few days.
Best wishes

ELMERC said...

Just loved that Port Macquarie Rug. Never seen one quite like that. Very nice work. Elaine Cooke


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