Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Wahine Disaster

Today is the 40th anniversary of the Wahine disaster in Wellington Harbour. I travelled on the Wahine many times going and coming to university in Christchurch but fortunately I wasn't on board for that flight. But I do remember the day well. The weather in Christchurch was shocking and I remember getting off the bus in Papanui Street and being blown down the road. Ian remembers being in Stud Ass (the student union building) and the weather being atrocious.

It was almost surreal to hear about the event and people being killed on the rocks inside the harbour. We had friends who went down to help but were turned away. I expect there has been lots of news in NZ about it all today. It changed our travel to and from ChCh though - after that we had to catch the train to Picton and the ferry across Cook Strait.

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artisbliss said...

My nephew has been in NZ all school year as an exchange student. I'll bet he's hearing all about this today. How awful.


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