Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday play

I have been playing some more with the new Opulence paints - on friendly plastic - they work really well but my samples are pretty terrible so you can't see them. This is embossed velvet - using our Illumination polymer stamps and Opulence. It is dead easy to emboss and I like these stamps as they are unmounted - I just paint them up with a foam sponge, lay them on an old towel on my marble working table, place the velvet face down and iron firmly. The results look better than they scan.

You can see the wondrous nature of the paint and I have added some gold flakes on the bottom one but not very precisely.

For those waiting for the web specials - Ian has finally had a chance to load them today - it is only the 19th after all. Good specials though.

Rugby yesterday - the Chiefs beat the Crusaders which was a wonderful game and then the Force got beaten - they looked a bit like headless chooks without a game plan. Not watching any today - we are off to the kd Lang concert with our picnic and warm clothes - yes the weather is cooler and the concert is in Kings Park.


Anonymous said...

Not since Judy Garland has a woman come along with a voice like KD Laing. That's what I've heard said. If you're lucky maybe she'll sing Leonard Cohen's Alleluia. Glad to read that you're supporting a Canuck.

artisbliss said...

Cool embossing technique.

Our weather is cool too, but not for the same season!

Digitalgran said...

These colours are lovely Dale. I've just been catching up and see you had a lovely time in Bali and you haven't changed all that much since you were that tiny little girl, have you?


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