Sunday, April 20, 2008

Concert and stuff

The kd Lang concert was excellent - she is a wonderful singer - but boy was it cold outside. probably the coldest night we have had in Perth and the concert didn't last that long - we went early to get seats so we were sitting around longer than she sang. but a bonus this afternoon on ABC Arts programme which I turned on to watch an interview with Nigel Kennedy and there was an interview with kd Lang as well.

Sad to say the Hurricanes lost their rugby game overnight - next week boys....

This afternoon I bought myself an eee pc which weighs less than 1kilo and will be great for travelling. I am letting Ian take it to NZ in a couple of weeks - the fact that they only had pink ones left doesn't seem to have phased him too much......


Maureen said...

So glad you enjoyed kd!
Lucky you!

Elizabeth said...

The samples below look bright and wonderful.
Very Morocco.
Sorry to hear you were cold at the concert.
You must be heading into winter while here were heading into summer.
I'm not sure if I'd ever get used to it.


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