Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday - storm only threatening

The weather man keeps telling us a storm is coming - it is sort of slightly steamy and murky but I see it not. in the meantime I have had a wee moment to play a little more with my lovely new Opulence inks - I need to clear the decks and create a large area and take an amount of time and go the whole hog. But I have bonded the painted Tissutex to felt and stitched some, and i have used Gossamer Fuse as a mop up along with Zap Cloth and more Tissutex so I am stockpiling for future use. I have washed colour on heavy paper and will stitch that tomorrow and as soon as I find my friendly plastic I will play with that tomorrow too. I like my play to be for something rather than just to play which means I potter around a bit sorting colours etc. Silly really.

Liz - the paints are very new and made in Australia - yeah! We used to sell a range of paints which were lovely except that they went all gluggy so we ceased that line - some of you will know the ones I am talking about. But these ones are twice the size and probably about the same price. I feel with the little plays that I have had that they are going to be fantastic - I am getting a lovely rich result and I love the alchemy effect when I paint Kiah over the paints. They are acrylic and brushes etc wash in water. For all of you who have emailed to order them, they should be here soon and in glowing glory on the website. I am a sucker for beautiful stuff. But they are not new shoes....

Here is the Tissutex stitched with Indian Splendour - I thought since we have Opulent threads , then they would go best. Remember this is just a clean up brush page - the paints were not a bother to stitch over - I had ironed them when I bonded to felt.

A new page in my rust book heavily neglected for some time. The page had been sprayed with Moonshadow Mist when I did the whole book, so I have layered it with Opulence and printed overt he top. I don't know the names of the paints yet but give me time.

While I was working in the studio I listened to the new dvd The Painted Quilt - it is really very good. Laura and Linda have selected some of the techniques from their book The Painted Quilt and show you what they do - full of tips and techniques and then there are projects plus a gallery. Plus there is a cd full of worksheets and stuff. I thought it was like the book but it is quite an extension. Should be popular I think.

Off for our walk to get the groceries and stuff for dinner.

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Robin Mac said...

The tissuetex looks absolutely super - I do know the gluggy paints you are talking about and I have really missed the achemy effect. These will be so good to have and we can really brag now that they are made in Oz. Cheers, Robin


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