Thursday, April 03, 2008

Off to Bali

Remember how we worked right through Easter and every other weekend (apart from when we went to see Nigel Kennedy play)? Well for our reward we are off to Bali tonight to rest and relax. We are staying in Ubud which is north of Denpasar. Lots of panic rushing around this morning though getting ready to go and doing orders - many which meant cutting and packing. I have decided that if I had 3 other Dales then all my packing, cutting, winding etc would be taken care of and I could get on with being very creative. Ian is not sure how he would cope with 4 Dales though, although he has said 4 Ians might counter all of this. I don't think so - I think they would just get in a muddle.

Not that I have packed anything but I did finish my entry for Stitched and Bound, Ian photoed it and it has gone. Here is a peep only - I am probably not meant to show it. If it fails to be accepted I will post it all!

Really cross for GoGo though - his application for the Indian tapas bar has been rejected twice - second time he reduced the numbers. Fortunately it has made the West Australian this morning and I hope they do some investigative journalism as we reckon there is a hidden agenda. Looks like the Vincent Council would rather have a disused pool parlour full of vandalism and graffiti than an asset to Perth's lively vibrant Beaufort St precinct.....

See you all on Tuesday and don't worry I have a pile of books, stitching, knitting, writing drawing and paints and stuff - probably no room for my clothes.

Interesting to read the comment on QA23 not being available until 20th - will that mean CPS will be late? Could be a pile up. I am banking on it being here next week but after I have unpacked and done the washing.


Guzzisue said...

Have a great break and chill.

artisbliss said...

Have a marvelous time in Bali--you surely deserve some R&R. And thanks for the peek at your Stitched and Bound piece. I can't imagine it not being selected.

Maureen said...

Enjoy your break.....and don't forget the CAMERA

Elizabeth said...

Dear Dale
sorry I haven't visited for ages but we have been busy in NY.
Bali! well, there's some treat for you.
I'm green with envy.
hope all is well with you and your family.
We go back to Marrakech on Thursday.
i have been posting on file photos for a little while.


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