Friday, July 13, 2007


Yesterday I meant to add that nearly 2 years ago when we went off to England, we came back to a pile of sand on our front verge. Presumably it was for the studio - somewhere- but in fact it was never used. The building next door had sand delivered and our guys used that. So there we were with a pile of sand. On several occasions we prevented people from helping themselves but some of them sneakily managed when we weren't looking. Little groups of kids enjoyed playing in it and spreading it around. Then the underground power people have been and they mixed our good sand with the dirt they dug up, so we got them to take it all away when they filled the hole back in. So off to Sydney we went with a new flat verge and when we came back, another pile had appeared! Now it has moved next door.

Here is a page from my Ink book - using stencils with the Moonshadow Mists. The top left is a Fleur De Lys stencil which just arrived today.

And here is a page of my tags sprayed with some of the colours. These Mists are so wonderful sprayed on all sorts of surfaces. Tomorrow I am going to use them on some water soluble paper with which I have been casting.

I am also experimenting with Evolon - the new buzz fabric - come back tomorrow and see what I have done.


Leanne said...

I have been using Moonshadow mists on my scrapbook pages. It turns a boring flat colour into something quite lovely.

Debbi Baker said...

I love them too! But I really like your way of recording the colours. I am using them a lot on top of the Adirondack Color Washes. Your house stories are always so entertaining!!

Mary lin Huskamp said...

These are really lovely.

Digitalgran said...

I love these Dale.

Moira Anne Dickson said...

The little tags are lovely.


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