Saturday, July 07, 2007

Saturday Stuff

Bits and pieces of things achieved today. I worked on and finished Module 2 of my Digitwise course. All to do with letters and stuff. I stitched it out in colours they might not approve of so I may need to do it again tomorrow to send off. Module 3 looks more difficult but it is good to be doing it. I fear that I am behind everyone else for sure.

This is the back cover for my Embellisher Sample book - I showed the front a few weeks back. I am off to do something at a Janome Club day on Monday so thought I should try and have my bits and pieces in some semblance. I found some interesting lime green rick rac which the machine was very happy to distort. Will make the inside pages tomorrow in readiness. I am going to digitise and stitch my name to embelish onto the back page so hopefully no one will help herself to my book.....anywhere.....

This is the front cover of my Ink book - a place to keep all my ink sampling - walnut, Moonshadow, Distress inks etc. I have written with the Moonshadow Inks - something new I have been playing with. I do love those Moonshadows. The background is Tissutex which has had various Moonshadows and Walnut ink sprayed on it.I use the Tissutex as a mop up or underneath other things when I am spraying. That way you always get unexpected results.
Getting ready for Beryl Taylor's workshops when she comes to Perth in August. Mareene tells me they are filling up quite fast. I think they will all be so inspiring somehow. Beryl has given me a rather large list of stuff to find. One is dryer sheets - do we have them in Australia? Do I need to scour the supermarkets?
We watched the Wallbies play the Springbox B team tonight - it wasn't that inspiring a game. I think I forgot to mention that the All Blacks lost last week. Surely must be good conditioning for the World Cup.....


Penny said...

Dale, Wendy and I went looking in Woolworths for dryer sheets and couldnt find any there. i dont know who else might have them.
I love your book covers and oh I wish I was coming to Beryl Taylors workshops. I find her book so inspiring. I hope there might be another one or perhaps she gave her all for that one.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

I Love making covers for sample books, yours are delicious. The colours and textures are great. You must be very discipled to get your samplea all the same size, so they fit into one book. I never plan well enough in advance, and end up with samples all shapes and sizes. Enjoy y0u Janome club.
Best Wishes


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