Sunday, June 17, 2012


 I have been awol for a few days with a creative block - when you have a particular task to do it takes a lot of thnking energy and then when things don't work as they might you get frustrated. However I have finally solved it all but maybe not totally happy but there you go and you must move on. I had a little piece I was playing with at my embellisher workshop last Saturday and decided to add it to a flimsie and stitch whilst watching the rugby last night. The All Blacks were quite lucky to win actually. And Wales were unlucky not to win against the Wallabies.

 This is further of the same piece. If you look carefully you might see part of the word Okarito - experimenting.

 Also from last weekend, some sari needlepunched and at the ready for something. This is from a hank of Carnivale - lovely colours and I have just rolled more of that and Rivendell and they look lovely in the basket.

 Then I wanted to play more with the new Sun Dye Fabric Paints - this is Sun Gold which looks glorious through a stencil on dark cotton sateen. i have also been using them on Evolon and very pleased and we haven't even sun for them to sun dye.

And I have started some preparation for my Artful Journey workshop in Christchurch next month. Not far away now. I am also sorting samples and stitching like fury for my Romeo workshop next Saturday but I will keep that.

So I guess I haven't really been absent - just thinking. Absolutely overawed by the people who have liked our facebook page though. All these wonderful new friends who have been responding so well. Not long ago I was hoping for 1450 and now we are at 1720. What will I do when/if we get to 2000?


Heather said...

I wouldn't dare stitch while watching rugby - my stitches would be far too wild and I'd probably stab myself.
Love the Okarito piece, especially the little stitched 'wheels'.

Judy said...


Scrumptious art work.


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