Friday, June 01, 2012

Friday sure crept up fast

Here is my second little video from Grouse Mountain - Ian is there and some snow
Ian has some good photos which I will share when he gets sorted - I think tha is all of mine - just to tell you again - we loved our time in Canada and probably would never have gone if I hadn't been asked. Loved the place and the people and this is where we ate the last three nights for the foodies who like eating out too
Cafe Brio in Victoria - think this was our best meal and we got there in error
O'Douls and Cin Cin in Vancouver both on Robson Street where we were staying.

We have worked hard today and got all the magazines out - they should all be on the web tomorrow along with a couple of new goodies and hopefully I will finsihed my part of the newsletter so Ian can do his part and then I will send it out. Jet lag disappeared today and I almost slept in so must be back to normal. It is winter today after all....

Have had a little bit of time (when not sewing flouro strips on Bruce's cycling jacket for him to wear tomorrow) to play with the new sprays - these are called Flat Fabios and are a translucent ink - absolutely glorious - there are 10 colours so far. They layer up well and are for paper/canvas/journals etc and definitely for colouring hands.

 Here are the first 10 colours - same story - you add the water - that makes them specially yours. No mica just ink.

 and I have been working in a sketchbook creating a few pages with spray - water - stencil - that's as far as I have got. I love working with layers and you can see the beginnings of these.

Lovely strong colours which of course I love. Like all of the Moonglow sprays they are $7.90 each and the bulk discount applies to all of our Moonglow sprays.

Rugby watching but also finishing samples for my overdue article which I will finish in the morning for Ian to photograph. So it will be a busy weekend with a long list to complete. At least I managed to package the very big basket full of silk hankies which I had hidden out of sight.

Harley was pleased to see us even if she had been very very naughty but I will spare the details. Finally if we tempt her with biscuits inside her cat door and the light on, she comes in during the night after we have subtly closed the back door on her. She is very contented that we are back. We haven't told her we will be off again in a few weeks though....


Heather said...

Great little video and I love the look of those ink sprays and the way you have used them.
Glad Harley has forgiven you for going away and hope you have forgiven her for being naughty!

Chriss said...

Love your video of Grouse Mountain. Went there a few years ago, loved the little logrolling play and all the huge carvings of men and animals. Ate beavers tails ( their version of flat donut mixture, with nutalla)and had a great time. Did you get to Capilano Bridge?


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