Wednesday, June 13, 2012

stormy stuff and sun dyeing

 Wow - we are having interesting weather - so unPerth like. Rain it can as much as it likes although apparently the dams are hardly seeing it - so dry that it is soaking in. But the wind has been something else. Yesterday it was supposed to be bigger and worser so we did all the putting away and clearing up and went off to Cantina for dinner and waited patiently. Certainly rained while we were out. I woke at 3am wondering how our big tree was going but Ian slept right through and there was nothing much to show for it this morning. Obviously we have been lucky as many people have power failures and fences down etc. Thanks for all the emails asking how we are faring. Harley has refused to go into the storm - she prefers to sit on Ian's pillow looking out the window.

 Biggest excitement are the new paints from KraftKolour - why I haven't got these before I do not know. They are fabulous - 130ml bottles (that's twice the size of our other similar paint) and cheaper. There are 32 colours which includes a Sun Pearl and a Gold Pearl - they are $7 a bottle or any 10 for $65 or the whole 32 for $200 which is excellent value. They work on any natural fabric and the best thing is you can sun dye with them. There is no sun at Chez Rollerson today so I sprayed a piece of silk habitai with water and dribbled on some Flame, Citrus and Chamomile and lay a stencil on top and voila - when I lifted it the pattern was there. In the studio only two lights are working at present so it isn't even bright. I am super delighted with these lovely paints. Have a squizz at them here

I didn't buy much when we were in Canada but I did get these lovely flower pens at the Butchart Gardens and they write well.

Tonight I am cooking a curry  - bit disappointed with the curry type meals we have been having around the traps lately - possibly spoilt by what I can cook at home. We do love our curries and I do enjoy cooking them.


Heather said...

We are having a quiet day weatherwise but with the threat of further wet and windy. In the south there have been flash floods yet still a hosepipe ban!!
Love those flower pens and the paints sound fantastic.
Hope Harley is not too traumatised and enjoy your curry - cooking and eating.

Robin Mac said...

I have been thinking of you and the terrible weather you have been enduring - glorious sunshine here at last! I love those flower pens. Cheers


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