Monday, June 25, 2012

some Romeo bits and pieces

 Of course wasn't the rugby wonderful on Sat - 9 tries and 60 to nil. My Romeo workshop ladies knew I would be off duty the minute the game started!

We had a great workshop - the weather was okay as well. Lots of stitching but I let them take their samples home to wash out because drying was not a great thing.

 I gave them a quick drawing of a flower and stitched one myself and then decided that I would further stitch up a heap using my variegated Opulent rayon threads.They have taken quite some time to dry. I figured with all the lovely colouful pics I have been finding for the facebook page, I needed to stitch up some colour myself to add to the page. The number of new friends on the facebook page has been amazing and I am flattered and humbled that so many people have liked us.

 We also stitched up some hearts and this was my quick demo to show how easy it is. Maybe I will or maybe I won't finish it...

This is the quick start of a green sampler. Again - stitch a grid and off you go. You can draw on Romeo very easily so if you can always trace a grid if you don't think you can do straight lines.

And because I wound out a hank of Carnivale sari ribbon, I thought I would weave it up for some hand stitching in the evenings. Watch this space.

In the tabs above I have added a giveaway section. Have a quick peep if you are interested.

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Heather said...

Your posts are always full of ideas and inspiration. I just need a few more hours in the day to try them out! Love the ones here today.


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