Friday, June 22, 2012

it's friday - again

 Friday keeps creeping up on us - just realised that in 2 weeks we will be in Christchurch where I am teaching. In the meantime, I want to come back as a cat at Chez Rollerson - Harley has the most exhausting days - peering out windows - she loves that - hanging around for food - talking away - and sleeping - this is her latest spot - on our bed and at night I have found I need to get there before her or I have nowhere for my legs to go and if I push her she pushes back..... This is my beautiful Indian cotton embroidered doona cover - just as well it has had a good run and if I could find another I would buy it.

 Ian has sent me some more of our Vancouver Island photos - the bomber - amazing
 and at Torfino - this was such a lovely place we would have liked to have stayed another night

 Then we went for a walk in the forest to check out the Douglas Firs -

Tomorrow is my last workshop in the studio for this year - working on and with Romeo water soluble. I have cleared and vacuumed in readiness. Hope they enjoy themselves.
 and I posted this wonderful photo on the facebook page today - it inspired me so much - then I found it was all created by Susan Lenz. It has been one of the most inspirational things I have seen and given me so many things to think about - my sketchbook and brain have been busy and I hope to stat exploring my new ideas next week and hopefully have some samples ready to take to NZ with me.

Doreen and Maggi - I do hope I have past the grammar, spelling, making sense test this entry!


Doreen G said...

Nah you failed again--I think you meant "start again" not "stat again"
I think I should get a life Dale instead of finding fault with your spelling.

Heather said...

Is that a piece of your work by Harley's paw? She looks as if she is giving it very serious thought.
The Vancouver Island pics are beautiful and I love your Romeo piece.
One of those decorated cotton reels would be a nice little trinket, but en masse they are stunning.

floozina said...

I would like to add to Doreen's assessment of your spelling, grammar etc, but I don't want you to think I am being rude. I lament the changes that are currently happening to our beautiful language and I am a terrible stickler for the 'right' word or spelling or grammar. In your final sentence, perhaps it should have been 'passed' rather than 'past'?

Your photographs of the Douglas firs are gorgeous, it must have been a wonderful trip for you.

I know how you feel about your reincarnation - I want to return as a miniature poodle in this household.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Love Ian's photos, especially the Sunderland flyer boat,Torfino loks like a great p[lace to stay, what sort of tree is in the photo on its own? Your Romeo art piece is stunning, so too are the decorated thread spools, what alot of time it must have taken. Harley looks so at home on your bed, I think she has taken over your house.

Jeann of Melton said...

My sister-in-law always said that she wanted to return as a cat in our household!!


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