Sunday, June 10, 2012

wild and windy and wet

Perth has had a really wild wet and windy day - loads of tree branches down in our garden and I am sure lots of damage around town. I have had a quite quiet day - got my studio cleaned up - had a lovely workshop yesterday - someone forgot to turn up but those who were here seemed to enjoy themsleves and we got through a fair whack of things on the embellisher - I did a wee sample which gave me a starting point for something else. II also foolishly managed to drop one of the screws so maybe I will always be a needle short. As far as I can work out - Yandoo came third at Torbole - Grant is the middle man.

Sue, who was in my class in Canada, sent me a wonderful pic of her work - very good to see those Koalas put to good use!

Harley is definitely not a inclement girl and is refusing to step outside the door in the rain or wind.

I didn't get the limited Edition up but will do so tomorrow although we sold quite a few even so. This time each one is slightly different but I will photograph and add pics.

Great rugby last night - the All Blacks won so of course we were happy


Heather said...

It seems to have been wet and windy everywhere - cloudy here but not rainy or windy at the moment.
The koala piece is fun. I don't blame Harley for not wanting to go out in bad weather but I hope she is housetrained for your sake!

Doreen G said...

I always thought you were a screw loose Dale :-}


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