Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Songs for Nobodies

Last night we went to a fabulous show - Songs for Nobodies -we loved it - Bernadette Robinson was fantastic.  I also had a lovely day - I drove down to Mandurah or thereabouts and caught up with Lisa Walton for the day. She is teaching down there.We managed to spot some dolphins in the inlet.

Today Jacinta sent the first of the hand dyed laps - this is Gelati - not quite my colour for playing with but they are so yummy. Each weighs about half a kilo so I am still deciding how to sell them. When I get one in a colour I love I shall get some together with a flimsie or a merino wool or a slushie. Who knows?

Everyone seems to have fallen in love with the flowes I made so I have made a kit - Oppie Flowers so you can make your own. It should be on the web tomorrow.


Heather said...

The Gelati colours are lovely and your flowers look stunning massed like that.

Judy said...

Dale, I love your flowers as well, gorgeous.


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