Sunday, June 03, 2012

slow grey old Sunday

 I suppose we have been busy but it has been a slow grey day - great rugby yesterday and a happy household - both of our teams won especially the Hurricanes but I am not biased. Interesting All Black squad announced. I would love to have seen TJ Perenara and Andre Taylor in the team.

Ann and Lexa gave me their glass tiles in Canada to bring home - yes glass in my suitcase - n wonder it was heavy.... They bought them at the $1 shop and they fantastic for working the soldering iron on. Thanks so much you too.

 I have been making polystyrene stamps using some of my Marrakesh drawings and printing with them - then spraying over the top so that they look somewhat fragmented. Lots more to do on this idea though.

 A bit of gelli plate play and stitch.

Some more gelli plate play and stitch.

The newsletter is nearly finished and will be out tomorrow which is a holiday here in the west.
Do check the tags at the top of the blog - I am updating the WA Craft Show one on a regular basis and have added a link to the Make 5 Take 5 ATC Display which I would love everyone and anyone who wants to, to take part in. plus I added a new taster a couple of days ago - it will be up until Tuesday - there has been a great response to this one possibly because I haven't done one for a while! Although the moulding is great.

Harley has been very busy coming in her door - she is not so bright we fear as going out seems to be a problem. She will get there I am sure.

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Heather said...

It's grey and very wet here which will dampen many Jubilee celebrations, but hopefully not people's spirits.
Love your print and stitch pieces - the colours are beautiful.
Great to see your Paris Shoes book in issue 2 of Pages.


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