Wednesday, December 10, 2008


To say we have been busy is a little understatement - there were some moments when the orders spread out into the lounge room and I couldn't do any more until the baskets had been emptied. That's one reason why you haven't heard from me. But having slogged away we are back on track with only a few waiting for me to finish before tomorrow's arrive. It's wonderful actually and we thank all of our wonderful customers because without you we wouldn't be here enjoying life and I wouldn't be able to indulge in all of my arty stuff.

The other reason I haven't posted is because I have been working away on my Cyber Fiber entry - spraying surfaces, stamping, printing and about to start some stitching - for my Red Shoes book. I have also been working on workshop samples for Ratty Tatty Papers and am planning an Embellish, Stitch Enrich some more workshop sometime early-ish in 2009. Have had lots of requests and as I have new ideas thought they would all go together. This time I am thinking of 3 lessons allowing 2 weeks to work through each lesson. Any comments?

I have been bemused to see that more and more people are offering on-line workshops - maybe it really is easier. Interesting that some are people who have been enrolled in mine.... My intent is to keep the price low - there is always a lot of work in writing a workshop and setting it up but ther is no driving to the venue/hiring the venue stuff to worry about and so far they have been lots of fun. The only thing is - I can't see for real the work people are doing and some of it is so wonderful.

The entries for the Connections Challenge are starting to arrive - most exciting. I am busy at present gathering prizes - obviously some from us but l have also a few others lined up.

This beautiful plate is our 40th wedding anni to each other - it has what you might call a ruby tone for sure. We bought it at James and Morris in Matakana and believe you me it was heavy to carry as my hand luggage.

I notice that many of our suppliers are using the economic situation as an excuse to put prices up. I have been having a bad week with some of my suppliers so if products vanish from our website you will know why. In fact fuel has gone down but I bet shipping costs won't. The thing which keeps my faith are the wonderful people who go out of their way to find the cheapest way to send something to me and believe me this makes a lot of difference.

Tonight we are sneaking off to Spaghi becasue we think we deserve it. I have refuschied(sic) my hair - so all fuschied up for christmas.


Tommy said...

Oh my, that is such a pretty plate with the amber hues, and the rusty brown. Looks very Native American to me, what a wonderful anniversary present.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

You have been busy; the plate is a beauty; hope you enjoyed you meal!

Viv Estill said...

Hi Dale
Love the plate too and congrats on your 40th. Really excited about the prospect of a new ESE course and I think 3 lessons every 2 weeks is a good idea - gives us time to really explore the lesson!


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