Sunday, December 14, 2008

rusty ideas

Yesterday I went to the yacht club to take some more pics of the poles and rusty stuff and I did some rubbings and sketches - I hadn't noticed the fabulous stitchy pattern before. Each time you see different things. Lots more ideas for me to play with.

We had a wonderful bbq last night - the weather was perfect and we stayed outside until very late. Daylight saving is wonderful but people in West Australia don't seem to know how to appreciate it. Seems they would all rather be woken up at 4.30am when the sun rises. Today is very hot - 37 degrees and windy so just as well we enjoyed last night. Of course I did go to the nursery but I think planting will be another day or late in the evening.


Maggi said...

Gorgeous inspiration. Lucky you having such a warm time, it is cold and foggy here, no wind today but it removed some of my guttering on Saturday night..

Guzzisue said...

for a moment I thoght you were going to wrap cloth round the poles to rust it :-) LOL

Heather said...

It's amazing what lovely colours you come across in rusty things. A friend of mine is very talented and has made several beautiful little books inspired by rust. I look forward to seeing how it has inspired you. I love your flowers and the book covers you made with them. I think we should all make dolls and stick pins in them hoping to at least prick the conscience of that beastly person, if they've got a conscience. Enjoy your lovely warmth - we have cold, damp, fog and frost, and sometimes all at once.

Judy said...


Great inspiration along this pier look forward to seeing some of it come through you work. I think day light saving is great but my other half hstes it.

Genie said...

Happy Christmas Dale
lovely inspirational photos


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