Saturday, December 27, 2008

holiday reading

We had a lovely relaxing Christmas at Chez Rollerson and of course ate too much - why is it that we always shop for a seige, worry about not having enough and end up with enough overs for an army? Just the 4 of us this year with Grant having Christmas in England with Annette and Terry. As always we got lots of lovely books to read and I got a new lamp under which to read them. Ian got a very comfy new chair for his office. This is one of my books which I have finished - makes me want to rush back t o Morocco for another visit.

We have been having a lazy couple of days since although I have managed to clean out quite a bit of stock and cut and package etc. That sort of stuff does not go away. Tomorrow I will be back to work and back to working on Ratty Tatty samples and notes.

The weather has been beautiful although I fear the heat is coming next week. One of the things Ian and I like at this time of the year is that lots of people go south and the city becomes nice and quiet. We watched the start of the Sydney to Hobart yesterday - looked like a lovely day in Sydney.

What have we been listening to on our Sonos? FM classic - the UK classic station - beautiful music very much appreciated. None of this heavy stuff which happens here in the afternoons and lots of Rutter and lots of wondrous carols.


Clare Wassermann said...

Thanks for the tip off on the book - we went to Marrakesh a few years back and I'm looking forward to another visit, but meanwhile we're off to St Lucia next Thurs and I wanted one mmore book to take. I'm off into town to get this one now I've seen your post. Thanks!!

Maggi said...

The book looks really interesting. I am amazed that you can get Classic FM over there.

Monica said...

Dale, enjoy your rest and relaxation. You must have felt like Santa as you packaged up and despatche Chrissis pressies (I received a parcel from the Thread Studio).

Heather said...

Glad you have had a restful Christmas. I love books too, and that Moroccan doorway is just wonderful. A book of doorways would be good - your Paris shoes book is gorgeous.


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