Saturday, December 13, 2008


thanks for all the lovely comments and emails - it's nice to know so many people care. When you lose some of your art you lose some of yourself but you just move on - I went to the yacht club this morning and took lots of pics of poles and rust stuff and did some sketching of some wonderful shapes. As you can see I have started a pile of flowers - working through every stitch on my Bernina to get a big stockpile for my new cover. I shall attack them with a soldering iron at some stage. I have also started my my cover but I shall only work on it slowly as i have too many pressing things to do but I did need to get started. The other one has my name stitched on it in a tiny corner - this one is going to be a little more prominent.

Lots of enrolments for both on-line workshops which is great - I am working hard on finishing the Ratty Tatty lesson notes and then to work some more on my samples. Sometimes I create then write and other times I find I need to write then create and then for both I tweak because as you know things don't always work out the way your brain thinks they might.

It has been a lovely day but there sure were a lot of people on the roads this morning. We are about to have a bbq in our getting tidier back garden.


Monica said...

Hi Dale

I was sorry to hear about the theft of some of your work but I'm inspired to hear that you have moved on to replacing it.

I often think of the people here in Canberra who lost everything in the bushfires. It must have been very hard for many of them.

Robin Mac said...

Oh Dale, I haven't caught up with your blog for a few days, how horrible that any customer of yours could be so mean - I hope she loses everything!! Glad you have started replacing them though. Christmas is coming far too quickly. Cheers, Robin

Susan D said...

Sorry to hear about your stolen piece. Hope you come up with an even better piece and the thief gets what she deserves.

Pat said...

What a rotten thing to happen, you would probably rather have given it away. I love what you have done today and I envy you your BBQ it is very cold, very wet and very grey here today.


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