Wednesday, December 03, 2008

more exploring

On Tuesday we went up to Coromandel - we drove a way north of Thames - the coast was magnificent with the pohutakawas just starting to come into flower - they will be wonderful when all are out.
Then we drove into the Kaueranga Valley and went for a short walk.
I have managed to get the photos out of sinc but to be honest it's not easy loading onto this 'puter so I know no-one will mind. This is back on the coast road north of Thames.
Back to the valley and the information centre.
and a bridge through the bush leading to a model dam situation.
More lovely sights to see
We have had a wonderful few days and so many thanks for all the lovely emails - back home tomorrow - it's always a shame that it takes so long to fly to and fro Perth but we will be back on track on Friday doing all the orders which have been flowing in while we have been away.

Roll on the next anni..... and by the way I have just realised that yesterday was y 700th posting. Where does time go?


Judy said...

Hi! Dale

A beautiful place for a break and celebration: safe journey home.

Heather said...

What beautiful scenery, and those lovely trees are so exotic. Thankyou for sharing your holiday pics with us - you will have lovely memories of it all. We would not have known the pics were out of sinc. I haven't even started to use a digital camera yet and Santa is bringing me one for Christmas - I can't imagine the muddles I'll get into trying to post the pics on my blog!

Heather said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your shoe book - sounds intriguing.

Sandra said...

Hi, I live in the Kauaeranga valley, it was great to see it mentioned on your blog. You would have been most welcome to visit for a drink, and to enjoy the view.


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