Friday, December 12, 2008

thieves or desperate artist?

I am not a happy chappy today. We had a customer today who stole some of my work so I am not impressed. The top is my wrap for all of my flower stitch samples which she helped herself to and inside there were loads of pages - one in particular I have always loved since I made it with all of the burnt out and reapplied flowers not to mention a little bag for which I don't seem to have a pic. These things take ages to work out and do and I cart them around and shoe people my samples - I even took this book to Ally Pally this year. It's not just your work - it's the time to replace it. Means I don't leave any samples around without my supervision ever again. The samples she didn't help herself to (or maybe she was in a hurry to stuff it in her bag) were all over the floor. What ever else she may have stolen I won't know - just send out heaps of very bad karma please....

All this as well as a bad supplier week.

However lots of bookings arriving for both of the workshops and I think a meal out tonight to cheer me up..... and we got a new shipment of Sari Ribbon, Sari Twist and Sari Yarn and well as a new one - Rangi Changi - this is a rayon yarn in the most glorious colours. SOmething has to cheer one up when the chips are down.


Unknown said...

Wow Dale that is AWFUL. You have every right to feel distressed. It isn't just the time & design lost but the emotion put into the work then the distress of it gone. Out for dinner YES I agree. Try to Enjoy

M Dawson said...

Oh Dale, how dispiriting for you, to lose something so valuable to you and that you invested so much in.

There is a saying a friend of mine believes in 'What goes around comes around'. This person is accumulating so much bad karma I hope she reconsideres her action and sends it back.

You didn't lose Grant and you didn't lose Ian, but you lost something of yourself - I hope you can pick yourself up and hold up that cheerful chin again - think shoes - red shows fun shoes, happy shoes.

You are still here, all your friends and family are still here - gather them together as a blessing - I hope it will help overcome the disappointment.

(who appreciates the stamps you sent)

Diane Cransac said...

Oh what a terrible thing to happen. I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine how I would feel if someting like that happened to me. We pour our heart and soul out onto our cloth and every time I'm seperated from a piece I feel like a part of me goes with it. It's hard enough when I chose to part with one of my pieces, for someone to forceable take a part...
I also agree on a nice dinner and afterwards possibly a treat? Whenever I feel really down I buy something little that I've been wanting a long time. A favorite piece of chocolate or some nice coffee. Gppd luck and take care :)

Nia said...

Most definitely "what goes around comes around".

Perhaps the thief will ralise what an abhorrent act and return the samples to you.

I will wish for a fully stuffed envelope to return to you soon.


Unknown said...

Oh no - awful thing to happen. Sometimes I cannot believe some people! One of my pieces was stolen in Perth - I have looked everywhere for it but never found it so I think it went when I was packing up. How can people do this?

The sari yarn will cheer you up though - I sell the Rangi Changi and its wonderful yarn.

Sad fact that we can trust no one.

Doreen G said...

Lots of bad vibes coming her way from Canberra.
How stupid some people are--she must realise that you would suspect that it was her or to rephrase that- she must KNOW that you know it was her.
I hope she reads your blog and has a conscience--but I doubt it---grrrr.

Ellietess said...

About 10 years ago we had a break in at our house and among other things, my mother's wedding ring & my grandmother's wedding ring & eternity ring were stolen.They had been given to me by my mother as she had moved into a hostel situation and was frightened they would be lost & she intended they be left to me when she passed away. I was distraught & unconsolable then & when I read about what happened to you, I recalled how I felt and can fully understand how you must be feeling so upset and traumatised.Take heart, that for every lowlife such as this person is, there are many more people in this world who honor your work and effort to pass it on to others.I'm among the latter. Enjoy your dinner & have an extra glass of good red!!!!

Tommy said...

That top piece looks like it most have taken you plenty of time, something i am sure the thief does not appreciate. Sometimes you simply have to wonder what goes through people's minds when they think it is ok to steal work. Like you said, its not so much the worth, but the actual piece of yourself that you put into it!

Gina said...

That is just awful Dale. It has never happened to me but I know friends who have had pieces taken at exhibitions. It seems like the worse sort of theft because they have taken something so personal to you. Hope your meal out cheered you up.

Christine said...

How awful for you Dale, after your lovely trip recently please don't let this horrible event overpower you.
I believe in Karma too. This person's is looking PRETTY BAD at the moment.


Laura Jane said...

What a rotter!

They are pretty distinctive pieces, I will keep an eye out for them, in the mean time....PLENTY of bad vibes and sleepless nights being wished upon that one!

Someone will be getting credit for a Xmas present of (their)unearned and undeserved quality.


A glass of red is prescribed.

Heloise said...

How horrid for you. The work is stunning I am so sorry you no longer have it.

Viv Estill said...

Hi Dale
I really feel for you over this theft. Like all the others I despise thieves and can only hope Karma will sort them out. Enjoy the wine.
Love Viv

Anita said...

Dale that is horrendous!!! I just finished e-mailing you before checking your blog or else I would have said something. You are such a kind talented lady and I'm sure you treated this "customer" like a friend. I hope you run into them one day (not by car...although I wouldn't blame you) and confront them. Lets hope all our Karma vibes give them sleepless nights and the guilt is unrelenting. (I see the beautiful flower foot work in your photos too.!!)

Ev said...

Dale I am so sorry this has happened to you. You are an amazingly trusting person and the ability to handle the work and see it up close is one of my favourite things about your work. I have posted a message to my blog and will also spread the word around about this - here's hoping that they read something and get serious pangs of guilt - though nothing will make up for the loss of your work. How funny my word verification is liamut...I am reading it as liar mutt...good description of the thief!

France said...

There's way too much of that going on! I hope that "person" gets riddled and sickened with guilt.

and returns the items to you!

SOME PEOPLE!!! *sigh*

Try to have a merry christmas anyway.

From a fellow sandgroper.


Sonja said...


I'm so sorry about your loss. Someone walked off with a cute little silk cocoon flower pin I had made and was using as a sample for a workshop at the Chicago quilt festival and I felt horrid afterwards. I couldn't believe people could be like that. I felt more like I'd been insulted or something and that was worse than not having the pin anymore.

Don't let "them" make you feel lousy because you can make something even more beautiful to replace it.

Jane said...

Dale, I am so sorry this has happened. We would all like to think that appreciating this kind of artistic work and honesty went hand in hand but sadly it doesn't always seem to be.

Julie said...

Dale I feel desperate for you! What an appalling thing to happen. I hope Karma gets her pdq. I'm probably naive but I always think creative people are above this sort of dishonesty. It leaves a nasty taste to think that greed and envy creep into our creative world too.

I do hope your evening out helped to make you feel a bit better.

Maggi said...

What a terrible thing to happen to you Dale. There is no excuse for stealing but what makes it worse is that these things have little value to anyone els but yourself and are irreplaceable. I agree with what others have said, we can be too trusting, assuming that all people who share our passions are honest. Hope the meal was some small consolation although I doubt it. Maggi

Brenda said...

How terrible, I can't believe an artist would do something like that. What a violation. I hope that person has a rightfully guilty conscience and returns your precious artwork to you.

Penny said...

I think whoever did it must be a pretty sick and sorry person after all the bad karma we are sending her.
Horrid when that happens and you really have to wonder about people. Hope the red wine and meal helped.
Oh and my word verification is wharl what a good name for some one like that.

Lisa Walton said...

Of course she must have taken yours because she is totally incapable of doing anything half as nice. How you could enjoy anything that you had actually stolen. You can't show it off or anything.

Dawnie said...

It will come back to bite her on the bum Dale.It's a terrible loss and a dreadful act to have done to you.Was it taken from your home ?
I do hope you have an inkling who it was .At best lets hope you find your treasures returned.
Just disgusting behaviour.

Unknown said...

Argh! How infuriating!
Especially as most of us are more than willing to share our techniques, experience and advice with anyone that asks.
A large karma parcel will show up on the thief's doorstep soon, no doubt about it.

Please don't let this put you off sharing your work. Just be a little more cautious of the way you share it.


Patty Ashworth said...

I signed up for a 4 day quilt class a long time ago. The person who set it up cancelled it saying there weren't enough people. But she didn't give me back my money! It was alot of money over 20 years ago, $550. Don't worry. Her quilt studio burnt down. I have very mixed feelings about that. But she ripped off more than just me. So karma does come back.
You'll see the flames.

Judy said...

Hi Dale,

I've only just caught up with your message had computer problems since Friday.

How could anyone do just a nasty greedy thing? you must be quite devastated! I will certainly send out some bad Karma in abundance. And sod the person to boot!

Fibreartist said...

So sorry Dale to read about your loss of art work! So frustrating!I love your art but would never do anything like that! She should have asked about your classes instead, and made her own art!!!! I'm hoping she returns your valued possessions. Donna

Peta's page said...

i just like to think......... WHAT GOES AROUND COME AROUND......... sorry to hear about it :-(


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